Smoke Alarm Safety Checks

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Mandated by Consumer Affairs Victoria in 2021, the Residential Tenancies Act requires rental properties to undergo preventative Smoke Alarm Safety Check's to protect renters in Victoria.

Our trained Smoke Alarm Technicans and A Grade Electricians undergo specific training with Syncom to understand our detailed processes to evaluate all the safety standards that are legally required to provide an in-depth Smoke Alarm Safety Check, as per the Residential Tenancies Regulations 2021.

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The Syncom difference

Our approach to smoke alarm safety checks is marked by a dedication to customer convenience and service excellence.

Unlike many safety check providers, we conduct all three crucial checks – electrical, gas, and smoke alarms – in a single, efficient appointment, minimizing disruptions for renters.

This streamlined process not only saves time but also ensures thorough adhereance to regulations, all while delivering a transparent and competitively priced service.

Moreover, our emphasis on customer service is unmatched, with our technical support team readily available to address inquiries, offer expert advice, and ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for all our rental providers.

What truly sets Syncom apart is our commitment to simplifying the safety check process. We believe in making it easy for rental property owners, property managers, and renters to ensure safety.

Our dedication to customer service, transparent pricing, and the convenience of consolidated appointments is the foundation of our service difference, creating safer, more reliable homes in Victoria.

More About Us
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Why Choose Us?


Syncom is not your everyday Safety Check and electrical/plumbing maintenance supplier, we value educating property owners to ensure they are getting the best outcomes for their investments.

Simply by providing superior service and technical advice, to build trusted and longlasting relationships with our customers. 

  • All smoke alarm safety checks are undertaken by trained Smoke Alarm Technicians and qualified A-Grade electricians – who are all employed and specially trained by Syncom.
  • Additional repairs onsite during the safety check for better value for money!
  • Competitive fixed pricing to ensure our safety checks are accessible to majority of rental providers
  • We understand the needs and requirements of property managers and owners, developing strong relationships with our partners for continue success
  • Rigorous, fully documented safety checks reporting on the smoke alarm installation and outcomes in line with the Residential Tenancies Regulations 2021
  • Our professional and courteous team are our biggest asset
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Smoke Alarm Check Pricing

  • Inspection, testing and cleaning by trained Smoke Alarm Technicians and registered A-Grade electricians
  • Comprehensive report detailing all components of installation checked upon completion and outcomes
  • Free replacement 9V batteries, if applicable
  • Free replacement of up to two (2) faulty or damaged 9V battery only or 240V hardwired Smoke Alarm’s, if applicable
  • Free quote upon completion of Safety Check, no obligation

Cost: $99 (Inclusive of GST) annually

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  • “Matt came and tested/replaced batteries for our smoke detectors today. He was so professional, polite and provided an amazing service! It was so easy to make an appointment and organise the whole process with him. I'd highly recommend Syncom, especially Matt, if you need anything like this done.”

    Madeline Jean Power


  • Our safety check process

    // safety check process

    Syncom's meticulous six-step Safety Check process guarantees clear, comprehensive assessments of your property.

    We prioritise thorough communication and internal review to ensure our safety check reporting is concise and consistent, enabling you to maximise your experience with Syncom.

    • Service request

      business administrator
    • Renters book appointment

      real estate offer 2
    • Field technicians
      conduct checks

      home inspector 3
    • Report internal

      home inspections
    • Free Quote for repairs
      (if applicable)

    • Safety check reports submitted with outcomes

      property agreement

    Victorian Laws

    // SMOKE ALARM safety check legalisation

    Inspection, testing and cleaning of the smoke alarm installation to verify operational and meet regulations.

    In accordance with Residential Tenancies Regulations 2021 and Building Act 1993.



      See below exert from “Residential Tenancies Regulations 2021 – S.R. No. 3/2021” regarding smoke alarm safety checks:

      “Smoke alarm safety activities

          (a) The rental provider must ensure that—
                (i) any smoke alarm is correctly installed and in working condition; and
                (ii) any smoke alarm is tested according to the manufacturer’s instructions at least once every 12 months; and
                (iii) the batteries in each smoke alarm are replaced as required.

          (b) The rental provider must immediately arrange for a smoke alarm to be repaired or replaced as an urgent repair if they are notified by the renter that it is not in working order.

      Note: Repair or replacement of a hard-wired smoke alarm must be undertaken by a suitably qualified person.
      (c) The rental provider, on or before the commencement of the agreement, must provide the renter with the following information in writing—
                (i) information about how each smoke alarm in the rented premises operates;
                (ii) information about how to test each smoke alarm in the rented premises;
                (iii) information about the renter’s obligations to not tamper with any smoke alarms and to report if a smoke alarm in the rented premises is not in working order.

          (d) The renter must give written notice to the rental provider as soon as practicable after becoming aware that a smoke alarm in the rented premises is not in working order.

      Note: Regulations made under the Building Act 1993 require smoke alarms to be installed in all residential buildings.”

    FAQs - Smoke Alarm safety checks

    Our FAQ section is a valuable resource for all your queries regarding smoke alarm safety checks and compliance with the Residential Tenancies Act.

    Easily find the answers you need by using the convenient drop-down menus.

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    Smoke Alarm Safety Check is a Consumer Affairs Victoria mandated safety check of the smoke alarm installation within a rental property as setout in the Residential Tenancies Regulations 2021 and Building Act 1993.

    A trained and competent smoke alarm technician, and in cases where 240V Hardwired smoke alarm’s required replacement by a qualified Electrician, is recommended to carry out the Smoke Alarm Safety Check.

    Consumer Affairs Victoria mandated smoke alarm safety checks to be carried out annually as set out in the Residential Tenancies Regulations 2021

    Visual Inspection and testing of the Smoke Alarm’s to ensure they trigger in simulated smoke emission scenarios, beeping is appropriately audible and meets Building Act 1993 compliance regulations with respect to coverage of bedroom’s and distance from wall’s.

    If a smoke alarm is faulty or not operation there is potential it will not alert occupants in the property of a fire, this can cause delay in reactiveness of occupants to the fire with potentially resulting in injury or death, property damage.

    The duration of an Smoke Alarm Safety Check may vary based on the complexity of the smoke alrm installation, usually taking 15-30 minutes for on-site completion.

    Furthermore, additional time is allocated for internal review by our technical support team to ensure the accuracy and quality of each report.

    Smoke alarm safety checks cost $99 including GST annually

    Our Smoke Alarm Safety Check reports only provide direction on remedial works that are required to ensure the property meet’s Consumer Affairs Victoria’s mandatory requirements under the Residential Tenancies Act 2021. If a remedial action has been advised this is to ensure you meet your obligations as a rental provider to ensure your property is sufficiently covered.

    Residential Tenancies Regulations 2021 does not stipulate that a qualified or trained technician is required to undertake a Smoke Alarm Safety Check, as such it’s believed a Smoke Alarm Safety Check may be undertaken by a competent person.

    We would however recommend engaging a trained Smoke Alarm technician as there are specific tests required and regulations to be knowledgeable on in the Building Act 1993 when undertaking these checks. In the case of replacing 240V Hardwired Smoke Alarm’s a qualified electrician is required.

    Smoke Alarm Safety Check is conducted annually

    Smoke Alarms are operational and batteries changed, if applicable

    Meet Building Act 1993 requirements for location in vicinity of wall’s and bedrooms