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We prioritise Property Managers and understand the pivotal role you play in ensuring the safety and satisfaction of your property owners and renters.
Our commitment to customer service is unrivaled, ensuring a seamless partnership that aids you in delivering the best outcomes for your owners. 

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Your trusted partner

Establishing a reliable and trusted partnership is fundamental to ensuring the long-term success of your property management team and, in turn, for your property owners. 

We place importance on cultivating trust with our real estate agency partners, with the aim to foster enduring relationships.

Syncom builds trust with property managers through consistent, reliable service and expert knowledge. We support your ongoing needs, whilst maintaining your properties safety check requirements, seamlessly and effectively.

Data protection

Your renters’ and property owners’ information is treated with the utmost care and respect. 

We prioritise data protection and security, with robust measures in place to safeguard private information, ensuring compliance with all data protection and security regulations.

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Why Choose Syncom

We take care to consider the needs of all stakeholders, including property managers, rental providers, and renters, when delivering services experiences at Syncom.

Here are a few things we do well;

  • Quick Safety Check turnaround: Need a safety check quickly? No problem, we have capacity within one week for urgent requests.
  • Minimum standards: We pride ourselves on providing accurate advice to meet RTR 2021 requirements, advising on the minimum repairs requirements to ensure your obligations are met. 
  • One Appointment Time: Renter’s can schedule Electrician’s and Gasfitter’s in a single appointment, minimizing disruption.
  • Obligation-free Quote: You’ll receive quotes following the Safety Check if remediation required/recommended. No obligations. 
  • Manage Recurring Safety Checks: We track and remind you when a property’s safety check is due.
  • Discounted Packages: We offer discounted Safety Check Packages to provide better value for money for your owners.
  • Additional Repairs: We perform minor electrical and gas repairs and replace faulty smoke alarms during Safety Checks, providing more value for your owners.
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Customer Portal & Property Management Software Solutions

We offer real estate agencies portal access to review all your in-progress and completed maintenance and safety check services, along with the ability to download quotes, reports and invoices. 

PropertyME integration will be going live from January 2024, allowing real estate agencies to sync property information and renter details directly with our system.

We are in communicate with other property management software providers to enable integration, and are committed to integrating once software providers enable free access to 

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Quick Fixes, Done Fast, on Us

Our electricians, gasfitters and smoke alarm technicians take great pride in delivering the best outcomes for rental providers when conducting safety checks. 

Where minor fixes can be achieved quickly onsite, our dedicated field team will attempt to rectify at the time of safety check if time permits, to save you money.

In order to better understand what additional repairs we undertake onsite during a safety check, here are some of the material we replace as apart of our service. 

We hope this will help you to make an informed decision when comparing suppliers and what services they provide during a safety checks. 

We will replace the following items if found to be faulty or damaged and poses a safety concern;

  • Single or double horizontal standard power outlet*
  • Single or double vertical standard light switch*
  • Single pole residual current devices**
  • Standard light fitting batten holder*
  • Battery only 9V and hardwired 240V smoke alarms*
  • Install anti-tilt chain on cookers
  • Minor electrical or gas repairs onsite

*We will replace up to two (2) per property at the time of safety check, all additional repairs may be quoted to replace

**We will replace up to one (1) per property at the time of safety check, all additional repairs may be quoted to replace

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Superior technical advice

We take immense pride in delivering superior technical advice to our rental providers. Dedicated to ensuring that the guidance Syncom provides aligns with the Residential Tenancies Regulations 2021, guaranteeing the safety and satisfaction of our rental providers and renters alike.

Continuously consulting with industry regulators such as Consumer Affairs Victoria, the Victorian Building Authority, and Energy Safe Victoria on safety check requirements.

To we stay updated on the latest regulations and repairs necessary, ensuring that the advice we provide for modifications and repairs is consistently in line with the safety check requirements.

This proactive approach not only ensures the safety of the renters but also helps rental providers save money. With confidence in the knowledge that you won’t be investing in unnecessary remedial works.

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