Heating and cooling services

// heating and cooling

Syncom provides Heating & Cooling repairs, maintenance, and installation services in residential properties in Victoria, maximising comfort and energy efficiency. 

Why choose us?

// why choose us

Syncom is not your everyday Safety Check and electrical/plumbing maintenace supplier, we value educating property owners to ensure they are getting the best outcomes for their investments.

Simply by providing superior service and technical advice, to build trusted and longlasting relationships with our customers.

We bring extensive knowledge and experience in heating & cooling installation, maintenance and repairs to help property owners with high quality solutions and advice. 

Heating Installation Services:

  • Wall Heater Installation: Installing various types of wall gas heaters to heat the property effectively.
  • Hot Water System Installation: Installing hot water services for providing hot water to the property.
  • Heat Pump Installation: Installing heat pumps which can be used for both heating and cooling purposes.
  • Thermostat Installation: Installing programmable or smart thermostats for better control over heating systems.
  • Hydronic Heating Installation: Installing hydronic heating systems that use water to transfer heat throughout the property.

Cooling Installation Services:

  • Air Conditioning Installation: Installing central air conditioning systems or split units to cool the property.
  • Ductless Mini-Split Installation: Installing ductless mini-split systems for cooling specific areas or rooms within a property.
  • Evaporative Cooler Installation: Installing evaporative coolers, which are efficient in dry climates, to cool the indoor environment.
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Air Conditioner & Evap Cooling Servicing

// air conditioner and evaporative cooler servicing

Extensive servicing of your air conditioenrs and evaporative coolers to ensure efficienct opeational when it's needed!

    Full air conditioner service

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    $330.00 including GST per unit - discounts for multiple units

  • Clean filters, coils, drain pan, casings, fan blades
  • Check efficiency of heating & cooling operations
  • Test integrity of pipe, insulation, drain
  • Remove debris from surrounds and inside unit
  • Tighen electrical terminals
  • Check operating gas pressures
  • Check remote control and replace batteries
  • Troubleshooting and provide advice on faults/issues

    Full evaporative cooling unit service

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    $330.00 including GST per unit

  • Clean pads, cooler sump, ducts, pump and sensor
  • Remove debris from surrounds and inside unit
  • Clean water tank and inside the cabinet
  • Test integrity of the drain and operation 
  • Troubleshooting and provide advice on faults/issues