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Syncom does not usually communicate directly with rental property owners, as the property management relationship is owned by the real estate agent.

However, they are a key stakeholder, and we do all we can to make property owners feel confident that their property safety checks and best interests are being well looked after.


Syncom’s reporting is recognised as best-in-market, and is one of the most critical factors to winning and retaining property owners.

“Our reports showcase every single test, every single check, everything we do at a given property. The property owner can see they are getting exactly what they paid for, as everything is listed in great detail. We take great pride in our reporting that it is 100% transparent, and we are continually evolving it,” said Kristyn.

“We take great pride in the detail, transparency and care we take with our reporting.”

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No Setup Fees & Competitive Pricing

Syncom does not charge set up fees. Full stop.

While setup fees are charged by our competitors, we do not charge to enter your properties into our system. Nor do we pass on any other setup costs, including contacting the renter and booking a time to visit their property. We absorb these costs into our service fee.

By focusing on efficient systems and procedures, Syncom is able to maintain competitive pricing for its electrical safety checks, gas safety checks and smoke alarm checks.

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Safety vs Compliance

Syncom operates with clear ethical guidelines on the work it recommends to property managers, based on this work being a safety priority.

Unfortunately, there are safety check companies that recommend work to be completed based on building compliance criteria, not safety criteria – which is highly unethical.

“Just because something was installed in the 1970’s, and does not meet today’s regulations, does not mean it needs to be replaced unless it is unsafe,” said Kristyn.

“If you modify or replace that item, then it must meet today’s standards – but there are businesses that are making a lot of money by wrongly recommending fixes based on compliance.

“Unfortunately, property owners are spending a lot of money on additional fixes that are not legally required, because they don’t have a trusted supplier that provides the right technical advice.

“There is a lot of misinformation that is being spread by some major companies in the safety check space, that compliance issues need to be rectified, which is 100% wrong.

Syncom is a strong believer that property managers need to be properly and ethically informed, to be able to pass on recommendations to property owners.

“We want to stop owners being misled and property managers being misled, by these companies,” said Kristyn.

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Quick Fixes, Done Fast, on Us

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