Safety Check Requirements

Electrical Maintenance Guide

Quick guide & tips to get the best out of your property’s installation

New to maintaining electrical s appliances/installation

Syncom is here to assist and support renters maintaining the operation of the electrical & smoke alarm installation and help you get the best out of your amenities.

​Below is a quick guide to common installation/appliance maintenance within a property, and tips you can try if you experience a fault.


Helpful hint: ensure access to the switchboard is always unobstructed

Reccomended Maintainence for RCDs

Residual current devices (RCD also known as safety switches)

Testing the operation of residual current devices (RCDs) in the switchboard every 6 months

​Open the switchboard, press the test button on each RCD which should trip the RCD cutting power to the circuit. If any of the RCDs do not trip there may be a fault

​RCDs cut power to the electrical circuit if it becomes overloaded, mitigating the opportunity to get an electric shock.  Check the RCDs are operational throughout the year to ensure they are operating correctly

Resetting the power RCD if it trips

​Go to the switchboard, find the RCD that is in the off position and switch it to the on position.

​Help to get your power up immediately, prevent the need for callouts to the property

Troubleshooting why the RCD is not staying in the on position (re-setting), following it tripping

  1. ​Remove the affected appliance/s plug’s from the power outlet’s (GPO) – note just switching the appliance off at the power outlet (GPO) will not work
  2. Go back to the switchboard and find the RCD that is in the off position and switch it to the on position (if this does not reset, there is a potential fault)
  3. With the RCD in the on position, one by one, replug the appliance into the power outlet (GPO) and switch on
  4. If the power RCD trips once more you will be able to determine which appliance is potentially causing the fault in the RCD
  5. If the power RCD does not trip, it is likely an intermittent fault which may happen from time to time

​Help to troubleshoot the issue and get your power back up quicker, prevent the need for callout’s to the property

Helpful hint: if all your power/lighting goes out, check for any outage’s in the area

Air conditioners

Clean the return air filter every 3 month’s at minimum

Turn off the unit, remove the filter and use a vacuum to remove build up, and re-insert

Helps with airflow and getting longevity from the unit

Helpful hint: make sure you do not overload power boards, particularly connecting additional power boards to an existing power board

Range Hoods

Clean the filter every 3 months at a minimum

​Turn off the appliance, remove the filter and put it in the dishwasher or soak in hot water and detergent

​Helps with remaining grease build-up, airflow, and getting longevity from the appliance