Air Conditioner Service & Installation

What's Invoiced

Our team of qualified and experienced Gasfitters will provide a detailed service of all split system or box Air Conditioner’s. Providing a comprehensive report and assessment of the air conditioners operation and compliance.

Requires thorough wipe down of internal components & filters, operational testing, visual test of all parts and identify parts showing signs of deterioration and non-compliance with current standards.

Quote upon request for new Air Conditioner installations, we will schedule a site attendance to determine the optimal and most cost effective Air Conditioner installation meeting the prescribed energy efficiency rating.

Air Conditioner Servicing entails:


  • Cleaned internal filters to maintain appropriate air flow
  • Cleaned internal coil for duct and fin integrity
  • Cleaned internal drain pan
  • Cleaned external condenser
  • Washed and cleaned outside coil and fins



  • Air and off temperatures operating correctly
  • Air Conditioner ON (Heating) Temp (Celsius)
  • Air Conditioner OFF (Heating) Temp (Celsius)
  • Air Conditioner heating optimal
  • Air Conditioner cooling optimal
  • Evidence of refrigerant leaks at the Condenser
  • Water runoff location is appropriate
  • Drain flow clear and appropriately expelling water runoff
  • Electrical connections all sound


Comprehensive report detailing all components of installation checked upon completion and their condition.